Things To Watch Out For When Using A Rent To Own Contract To Buy Your Home In Delaware

Things To Watch Out For When Using A Rent To Own Contract To Buy Your Home In Delaware

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Using a rent to own contract can be a great way to purchase a house in Delaware, however, there are some things you should watch out for. Learn more about the process in our latest post!

Rent to own agreements are becoming increasingly popular with buyers in the Delaware area. It allows people who may have had one small setback to finally find the path to homeownership. It can help people who are ready to lay down roots today but lack the funds for a traditional down payment at the current moment. It can help people in all stages and situations who want to buy a home right away in the Delaware area! Below are a few things you should know and watch out for when using a rent to own contract to buy a house in Delaware!

Contract Terms

Not all contracts are the same. You’ll need to look over all the details to make sure there isn’t something in the contract that could come back to bite you. The downpayment, monthly lease payments, penalties, and the amount going to your down payment on the home need to be laid out so there are no discrepancies. You might also be faced with an “option fee” or a percentage of the taxes and insurance costs.


Some leases will require the tenant to handle small repairs and maintenance to the home before they technically the owner. While most tenants don’t have a problem with this, it is important to include in your budget when purchasing a property this way. It’s important to make it clear who is responsible for what as to avoid any disagreement in the future.


What happens if you are late on a payment? You don’t want a small infraction to end up costing you the house you want and the money you have put into it. While your down payment won’t be that of a loan, it still won’t be anything you will want to lose. Preferably, you should be on good terms with the seller so drastic measures are avoided for small and infrequent mistakes.


When agreeing to buy via a rent to own agreement, you’ll want to make sure you have an escape route should anything go wrong. If after you move in you discover there is a major problem with the house, you won’t want to have to be obligated to purchase the house or lose your money. Be sure there is a contingency in the contract allowing you to walk away if there is something fundamentally wrong with the house or the title.

Losing Money

If you have signed a contract but decide the house simply isn’t right for you when it comes time to purchase, you will be out the deposit money you paid upfront in addition to any rent overages you aid during the lease term. This can mean thousands of dollars the property owner will not need to give back to you. When going into a rent to own agreement, ideally you want to be 100% certain it is the right property and that you will be able to buy it with a traditional loan in two years or when your negotiated lease term is up. If you are confident, a rent to own contract can be a great way to buy a house in Delaware.

We only offer the best properties and rent to own situations for the clients we work with in the Delaware area. Let us help you find the rent to own situation that is right for you!

Things To Watch Out For When Using A Rent To Own Contract To Buy Your Home In Delaware

Considerations and Advantages When Selling Your Delaware Home: Tristate Holdings 167 vs. Rent-to-Own Contracts

When exploring options to secure a home in Delaware, using a rent-to-own contract may seem tempting. However, there are crucial aspects to watch out for in such agreements. These may include complex legalities, potential disputes over terms, and uncertainties surrounding future property values. Navigating these intricacies can be challenging and may lead to unforeseen complications.

Alternatively, opting for a straightforward and efficient approach by selling your Delaware house outright to Tristate Holdings 167 offers distinct advantages. As a team of experienced cash buyers, Tristate Holdings 167 simplifies the process, ensuring a quick and hassle-free transaction.

Here’s why selling your Delaware house to Tristate Holdings 167 is advantageous:

  1. Speedy Transactions: Tristate Holdings 167 specializes in swift property acquisitions. With a streamlined buying process, they can close deals in a matter of days, providing you with rapid liquidity.

  2. Cash Offers: Being cash buyers, Tristate Holdings 167 eliminates the uncertainties associated with traditional financing. This ensures a smoother and more reliable transaction, bypassing the delays and complications often linked to mortgage approvals.

  3. Statewide Coverage: Tristate Holdings 167 covers the entirety of Delaware, including New Castle County, Kent County, and Sussex County. Regardless of your property’s location, their reach ensures a convenient and comprehensive solution.

  4. Avoiding Rent-to-Own Risks: Selling outright to Tristate Holdings 167 eliminates the risks and potential drawbacks of rent-to-own contracts. You won’t have to navigate the complexities of rental agreements, lease options, or future property value uncertainties.

  5. No Listing Hassles: By choosing Tristate Holdings 167, you bypass the traditional listing process. This means no waiting for potential buyers, no staging, and no protracted negotiations. Their focus on direct purchases streamlines the entire experience.

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