Educating Bronx Youth About Money, Financial Planning, and Investing in Bronx Real Estate

Educating Bronx Youth about money, financial planning, and investing in real estate in Bronx Real Estate can help set them on the road to financial freedom and ensure a bright and secure future. In addition, creating these healthy financial habits during their early years will help imprint a pattern of saving and investing as a way of life, giving your children a head start. Money and how you earn it shouldn’t be a subject kept from children; instead, openly talking about money empowers them to manage their money as adults. So read on as we explore five ways to teach your kids about money, financial planning, and investing in Bronx real estate. 

Start Early

It is best to teach your kids about money, financial planning and investing in Bronx real estate starting from an early age. No matter how they receive money, whether it is from an allowance, a gift, or your child earning their own money, you can start teaching them about saving with a jar for giving, savings, investing and earnings. It is also helpful to set a goal with a specific time to reach the results for each and then chart their progress, providing measurable results, just as you would with your real estate investments.

Teaching kids about real estate can advance them in numerous areas such as improving their math skills, navigating a computer, learning excel and spreadsheets and how to prepare reports. This in turn will transfer over to their normal school work allowing them to excel at a faster pace as they are learning normal school curriculum and real life curriculum and how to make money with real estate.

Most go through life knowing nothing about real estate and how to invest. Most people learn of real estate only when purchasing their primary residence. If many learn on how to invest in real estate as business to generate wealth and revenue they can change their lives and those of their families for the better.

Earning Revenue

Another way to teach your kids about money, financial planning, and investing in Bronx real estate is to provide opportunities for them to earn income. Once they earn proceeds on their investments, you should allow a small percentage of the profits to come back to them as disposable income to spend at their discretion. By empowering them to make decisions, they are likely to be more motivated to continue the habit.


In the beginning, it helps to reward their efforts of restraint to save money when you are teaching your kids about money, financial planning and investing in Bronx real estate. It is extremely helpful for them to understand that money is a limited resource, and you must direct the flow of money for it to work for you. Otherwise, you will be working for money, as it quickly disappears following the path of least resistance out of your pocket,


It’s also essential to explain the importance of budgeting when you teach your kids about money, financial planning, and investing in Bronx real estate. Sadly, many children go out into the world without understanding budgeting and face high debt and exorbitant interest rates. You can provide an example of income and expenses by sharing how you budget for your investment property.

Even at a young age, children can learn the value of a dollar. Rather than impulsive buying toys, or candy they can learn to save their money and invest in real estate later on in their lives which will earn them money rather than deplete it.

By Example

One of the best ways to teach your kids about money, financial planning, and investing in Bronx real estate is by setting a good example. For example, instead of taking your children with you to work for one day of the year, you can include them in your real estate investment business activities at their level of capability. In addition, you can reinforce the lesson by immersing children in the behind-the-scenes work that supports their lifestyle while sharing your goals and the rewards.

Teaching children about real estate at any age will assist with many areas of their lives. They will learn that they can earn money investing in real estate rather than solely relying upon a regular 9-5 job. This will empower many children to become entrepreneurs at some point in their lives.

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