Property Wholesalers vs. Westchester Real Estate Agents

Property Wholesalers vs. Westchester Real Estate Agents

Property wholesalers and Westchester real estate agents serve distinct roles in the real estate industry, each with its own set of functions, responsibilities, and approaches. Here’s a comparison of property wholesalers and real estate agents in the context of Westchester:

Property Wholesalers:

  1. Role and Function:
    • Acquisition and Assignment: Property wholesalers specialize in finding distressed properties or motivated sellers. They secure these properties under contract and then assign (sell) the contract to an investor or end buyer for a fee.
  2. Target Properties:
    • Wholesalers often focus on distressed properties, pre-foreclosures, or properties in need of significant repairs. They look for opportunities where they can negotiate a favorable purchase price.
  3. Transaction Speed:
    • Wholesaling transactions typically aim for quick turnaround times. Wholesalers work to identify properties, negotiate contracts, and assign them to buyers efficiently.
  4. Profit Model:
    • Wholesalers make their profit by charging an assignment fee to the end buyer. The difference between the contracted purchase price and the assignment fee is their profit.
  5. Networking:
    • Successful wholesalers often have strong networks of investors and buyers. They need to establish relationships with both sellers looking to sell quickly and buyers interested in investment opportunities.
  6. Limited Involvement in Legal and Closing Processes:
    • Wholesalers typically do not take ownership of the property. Instead, they facilitate the assignment of the contract, which involves fewer legal and closing processes compared to a traditional real estate transaction.

Westchester Real Estate Agents:

  1. Role and Function:
    • Representation: Real estate agents act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. They help sellers list their properties, market them to potential buyers, negotiate offers, and guide clients through the closing process.
  2. Target Properties:
    • Real estate agents can work with a broad range of property types, from residential homes to commercial properties. They cater to a diverse clientele with varied real estate needs.
  3. Transaction Speed:
    • The timeline for real estate transactions involving agents can vary. The process includes property marketing, negotiations, due diligence, and closing, which may take more time compared to wholesaling.
  4. Profit Model:
    • Real estate agents earn commissions based on the sale price of the property. The commission is typically shared between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent.
  5. Networking and Marketing:
    • Agents build networks within the real estate community and often use various marketing strategies to attract buyers and sellers. They may leverage online platforms, traditional advertising, and their professional networks.
  6. Involvement in Legal and Closing Processes:
    • Real estate agents play a significant role in the legal and closing processes. They ensure that all legal requirements are met, facilitate inspections, and coordinate with other professionals to complete the transaction.


  1. Selling Motivation:
    • Property wholesalers are often sought by sellers looking for a quick sale, while traditional real estate agents cater to a broader spectrum of sellers, including those who may be willing to wait for the right buyer.
  2. Property Condition:
    • Wholesalers often focus on distressed properties, while real estate agents work with properties in various conditions, from turnkey homes to those in need of renovation.
  3. Legal and Ethical Considerations:
    • Real estate agents are bound by professional standards and ethical guidelines. They are licensed professionals with specific legal obligations. Property wholesalers, while operating within the law, may have different standards.
  4. Client Goals:
    • Sellers and investors need to determine their goals and priorities. Wholesaling may be suitable for those seeking a fast transaction, while traditional real estate transactions may offer a broader range of services and options.

In summary, property wholesalers and Westchester real estate agents offer different approaches to buying and selling properties. The choice between the two depends on the goals of the client, the nature of the property, and the desired timeline for the transaction. Both play essential roles in the real estate ecosystem, serving different niches within the market.

Property Wholesalers vs. Westchester Real Estate Agents

A wholesaler offers homeowners an option when they are trying to sell a property; typically, these houses are in a state of severe disrepair and often don’t garner their market value with a traditional listing on the MLS. Seen as bargains by typical buyers, offers, though rare, are usually insultingly low offers. Wholesalers are dedicated to building strong networks and maintaining a list of ready buyers, ready to purchase and rehabilitate properties, and willing to pay a fee to the wholesaler for their service.

Serving as a connection between the seller and buyer, the wholesaler acquires a contract on your property.  Wholesalers then locate an end buyer, assigning the sales contract on the property over to them. The assigned buyers almost always buy the home immediately, ready to close quickly with cash in hand. 

Read on as we discuss the three fundamental differences between property wholesalers and Westchester real estate agents. 


An agent has no guarantees to offer, not even about when or even if your property will sell, one of the significant differences between property wholesalers and Westchester real estate agents.  In addition, further depleting your profits are any necessary repairs if you don’t pass the inspection. An agent simply cannot guarantee how much any repairs or updates to the property will cost. Of course, if the buyers don’t walk away from the deal altogether, you could offer to deduct the remaining repairs at closing as a credit to the buyers for issues discovered during an inspection. Often, buyers in this position counter with ridiculously overpriced estimates of the repairs and demand further deductions. However, a wholesaler will offer your house for sale in as-is condition; you can forget your worries about passing the inspection. Wholesalers like those at Tristate Holdings 167 can indeed provide you with a closing date for your property upfront. Then, you can begin planning your move.


Wholesalers not only save you time with their fast closings, but they can also save you a significant amount of money because they don’t work on commission; one of the main differences between property wholesalers and Westchester real estate agents. The job you are hiring a real estate agent for, in essence, is to bring a buyer to your door. However, wholesalers like those at Tristate Holdings 167 offer to get you buyers, with none of the waiting or efforts to prepping for a traditional listing on the MLS or jumping through hoops to help your buyers gain approval for their mortgage loans. As a result, you will realize additional savings because you won’t be left to continue to pay the monthly bills while holding onto the property for months, waiting for a buyer.


Real estate agents understand that your must appeal to buyers; therefore, they set about advising you on the steps to take, which all come out of your pocket. Unfortunately, agents can be expensive to work with, prepping the property for showings and professional photography for marketing before the home is ready to list. Add to this the costs of listing, passing inspections, and closing costs. But, on the other hand, it will not cost you a thing upfront to sell your home to a Westchester property wholesaler, like those at Tristate Holdings 167 who require none of the above.

There are critical differences between property wholesalers like Tristate Holdings 167 and Westchester real estate agents, which can greatly benefit homeowners in situations that do not fit the typical mold for a conventional listing with a real estate agent. Find out for yourself today with no obligation how the wholesalers at Tristate Holdings 167 can help you. Call Tristate Holdings 167 at 1-(888) 788-7478 or send us a message to learn more.

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