Profiting From Large Parcels of Land in [Waterbury Connecticut]

Profiting From Large Parcels of Land in Waterbury Connecticut can be accomplished by, diversifying one’s portfolios and growing wealth. When considering buying land, the price per acre declines as the size of the parcel increases. Land and home prices have increased exponentially during COVID as many workers and families migrated from larger cities to smaller less densely populated areas in turn driving the cost of real estate higher in these areas. These less densely populated area normally offer larger houses and larger parcels of land. Much like larger-size products were normally economical to purchase, smaller sizes cost more for convenience. In addition, larger parcels of land are more cost-effective for investors, who can split the parcel into smaller lots and increase the returns on their investment tremendously. 

The pandemic has transformed the workforce by allowing many employees of organizations to work remotely.  Many have moved out of major cities to rural areas or less densely populated areas where they could stretch their budget and purchase a larger house with larger parcels of land.  The influx of urban dwellers to less populated areas have changed the landscape of the housing market in many regions as they have been  snatching up any viable real estate they can get their hands on.  

Please continue reading if you wish to learn of the Waterbury Connecticut real estate market, as we explore four things you should know about profiting from large parcels of land in Waterbury Connecticut. Please take note that this article is for informational purposes, not financial or legal advice.


Before purchasing anything we suggest that you do your homework and learn the Waterbury Connecticut market well before setting off on your own to profit from large parcels of land in Waterbury Connecticut. Conducting a full market analysis can help you understand the risks and determine the best location for your investment. The location of the land you select is just as important as the right area for development in the Waterbury Connecticut market because, unfortunately, while you can always make improvements on the land, you can not simply pick it up and move it for a better view. Naturally, the use and location of the property can also greatly influence the value. Once you have identified an area prime for growth, you can zero in on the best parcel. 


Many investors waste time, effort, resources and money because they do not take the time to learn and understand the zoning laws and regulations in Waterbury Connecticut. You will need to ensure that your plans align with local subdivision and development laws and any limitations on the layout or size you are planning for your lots. Therefore, as a real estate investor, you should keep your finger on the pulse of upcoming zoning changes and plans for economic growth to avoid costly errors. Additionally, you will need to perform your due diligence and run the numbers to ensure that your investment offers the best return on your hard-earned dollar. You will find surveyors are extremely helpful in your efforts to determine the plausibility of the project.

Official Paperwork

One important thing you should know about profiting from large parcels of land in Waterbury Connecticut is that you must submit the appropriate information to the appropriate offices in the county, and any other entities as required, including property associations or HOAs. In addition, as with all real estate transactions, you should seek the counsel of professionals consisting of real estate attorneys, architects, land planner, Real estate land broker and other owners of large parcels of land in the area. Finally, you’ll also need an environmental impact assessment to evaluate the effects on the local ecosystems and how you can mitigate them.

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