Expired Listing Agreement in Atlantic City

Expired Listing Agreement in Atlantic City

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One of the actions you can take when you have an expired listing agreement in Atlantic City is to relist. First, however, you should talk to your real estate agent about what may have gone wrong with your listing unless, of course, the problem was communicating with your agent. It’s helpful if you can pinpoint the issue with your listing and create a new strategy to achieve your goal. If you had unrealistic expectations and your agent placated you by allowing you to take the driver’s seat with the listing, it’s time to reassess agents. There are many reasons a listing doesn’t move; typically, the pricing is too high or too low, the online photos are of poor quality, and the home is in a state of disrepair or cluttered, causing a majority of buyers to pass by the listing. Perhaps the issue was a buyer who had a lot of contingencies that you could not work with during negotiations or a buyer with financing that fell out from under them, wasting your time and leaving you in the position of needing to relist. Another option for your consideration is to reach out to a direct buyer, like those at Tristate Holdings 167 Inc., who can provide you a guaranteed closing date and bring your misery of waiting to an end with a cash offer for your home as-is that you’ll agree is fair. 


Another action you can take when you have an expired listing agreement in Atlantic City is to take on the role of agent yourself. While this may seem like a money-saving solution because you’ll be keeping those high real estate commissions for yourself; however, it rarely works out this way for sellers. Of the approximately 8% of FSBO or for sale by owner listings that sell, the final sales price is typically around 26% less than those listed by agents. Did you know, however, that by selling directly to a local direct buyer like those at Tristate Holdings 167 Inc., you won’t pay any commissions or closing costs, and there won’t be any hidden fees to surprise you at closing either?

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Working with a direct buyer from Tristate Holdings 167 Inc. means working with local professional investors who care about your future and the future of Atlantic City. At Tristate Holdings 167 Inc., we believe in total transparency. Therefore, your direct buyer from Tristate Holdings 167 Inc. will provide you with the full details on how they calculated the numbers and outline how much your home should sell for on the MLS with a listing to compare and decide which sales method is best for your circumstances. If a listing is the better option, your direct buyer from Tristate Holdings 167 Inc. will say so because we want you to earn the highest profits. We’re proud of our work at Tristate Holdings 167 Inc. and want you to feel good about the deal long after leaving the closing table.

3 Actions to Take if You Have An Expired Listing Agreement in Atlantic City
If you find yourself with an expired listing agreement for your property in Atlantic City, there are strategic actions you can take to expedite the selling process. Firstly, consider reaching out to Tristate Holdings 167 by calling them at 1-888-788-7478. Their extensive knowledge of the local market, including areas such as Atlantic City, Absecon, Ventnor City, Pleasantville, Brigantine, Margate, and more, positions them as a valuable resource. Inquiring about the possibility of selling your Atlantic City house for cash within a timeframe of less than 30 days could be a game-changer. It’s important to note that Tristate Holdings 167 specializes in purchasing properties below market value, with the intention of rehabilitating and reselling for profit or holding for rental purposes.

If, for any reason, your Atlantic City house doesn’t align with Tristate Holdings 167’s buying criteria, don’t lose hope. Request referrals from them for other cash buyers within their network who may be interested in purchasing your property. This proactive approach leverages Tristate Holdings 167’s industry connections and can potentially connect you with alternative buyers who could meet your needs. Lastly, take matters into your own hands by spreading the word about your property sale. Engage with communities at places like churches, hair salons, barbershops, or your workplace. This grassroots strategy aims to tap into local networks and may lead to finding a buyer for your Atlantic City house independently. By combining these actions, you can navigate the challenges of an expired listing agreement and increase your chances of achieving a swift and successful sale.

It’s clear to see that the best action you can take when you have an expired listing agreement in Atlantic City is to call Tristate Holdings 167 Inc. at 1-(888) 788-7478.

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