Estimate AirBnb Income When Buying a Long Island Property

Estimate AirBnb Income When Buying a Long Island Property

Estimating Airbnb income for a property on Long Island involves considering various factors, including location, property type, seasonality, local demand, and pricing strategy. While it’s challenging to provide an exact figure without specific details, here are steps you can take to estimate potential Airbnb income:

  1. Research Local Demand:
    • Investigate the demand for short-term rentals in the specific area of Long Island where you plan to purchase the property. Consider the proximity to attractions, beaches, events, and amenities that may attract visitors.
  2. Analyze Comparable Listings:
    • Look for similar properties on Airbnb in the same area. Analyze their nightly rates, occupancy rates, and guest reviews. This information can give you insights into the potential income for a property similar to the one you’re considering.
  3. Consider Seasonal Trends:
    • Long Island experiences seasonal variations in tourism. Consider the demand during peak seasons, such as summer months when tourists flock to the beaches, and be aware of potential slowdowns during the offseason.
  4. Evaluate Property Features:
    • Assess the features and amenities of the property. Properties with attractive and well-maintained interiors, outdoor spaces, and desirable amenities may command higher rental rates.
  5. Pricing Strategy:
    • Develop a pricing strategy based on the local market and comparable listings. Determine whether you want to set competitive rates, offer discounts for longer stays, or adjust pricing based on peak seasons.
  6. Consider Occupancy Rates:
    • While estimating income, factor in the expected occupancy rates. Consider that it may take time to build a consistent stream of bookings, especially if you are just starting in the Airbnb business.
  7. Account for Expenses:
    • Estimate expenses associated with Airbnb hosting, including cleaning fees, maintenance, utilities, property management (if applicable), and Airbnb service fees. Subtract these expenses from the estimated income to get a clearer picture of your potential profit.
  8. Local Regulations:
    • Be aware of local regulations and zoning laws related to short-term rentals. Some areas may have restrictions on the number of days a property can be rented or may require permits.
  9. Use Airbnb Income Tools:
    • Some online tools and calculators can help estimate Airbnb income based on property details and local market conditions. These tools often consider factors such as location, property size, and amenities.
  10. Consult with Local Hosts:
    • Connect with local Airbnb hosts in the area and seek their advice. Experienced hosts can provide valuable insights into the market, potential challenges, and tips for maximizing income.

Keep in mind that the Airbnb market can be dynamic, and income estimates may vary. It’s advisable to periodically reassess your pricing strategy and adjust based on market conditions and guest feedback. Additionally, consulting with a local real estate agent familiar with the vacation rental market on Long Island can provide valuable guidance.

Estimate AirBnb Income When Buying a Long Island Property

How to Estimate AirBnb Income Before Investing in a  Property

Spreading investments among many different commercial properties can carry you through tough economic times. Airbnb investments offer investors another real estate market sector to add to their investment strategy. In addition, as societal norms evolve into a desire for more private and less crowded temporary housing and the ability to spend time at the destination relaxing in a home-like atmosphere with family, the demand for these short-term rental properties has increased, especially in smaller markets across the country.

While long-term rental agreements aren’t out of the question for these properties, they may fall under the guidelines of prevailing tenancy laws for long-term rentals. Airbnb is more typically a short-term rental of property at a significantly higher daily rate than long-term rentals, most often used for traveling, booking a stay of no longer than a month’s duration. However, before you sign on the dotted line, calculating the income for your Airbnb rental allows you to determine which property will offer the highest return on your investment dollar. 

Read on as we explore how to estimate Airbnb income before investing in a Long Island property.


Because demand drives prices upward, it’s essential to understand the market research on the location to estimate Airbnb income before investing in a Long Island property. The foundation upon which your income estimate will rely is in your real estate market analysis. One of the variants involved in the study is the location’s appreciation rates. Another is the past and current rental data, which you can plug into a predictive formula to predict the future performance of rentals in the area. You can find a great deal of research data on Airbnb sites as well as valuable tools for investors. You’ll also know if the location is more suitable for long-term rentals; you must select a property that is a good fit for the Airbnb strategy. Now that you’re able to zero in on your target location, it’s time to find a few properties you’re interested in to perform an investment property analysis and compare and estimate Airbnb income before investing, so you know you have the right Long Island property. 

Cash Flow

The first step to determining which property will bring in the most cash flow is to estimate Airbnb income before investing in a Long Island property by deducting the operating expenses from the potential monthly income. Because tenants are short-term, your turnover costs are typically much lower. Consider, too, the differing rates during peak demand in your calculations, such as holidays, so that you’re comparing realistic figures. You should also realize that there are likely to be days with vacancies. You may not want to operate your AirBnb 365 days of the year either, so reduce the number of days per month in your figures. While these numbers bundle both full and part-time Airbnb properties, a 65 percent occupancy rate is considered a top performer, with the average occupancy rate hovering around 50 percent. 

Cap Rate

Dividing the property’s net operating income by the property’s price will help estimate Airbnb income before investing in a Long Island property. For example, if your monthly positive cash flow is $1,000 and we multiply this by 12 months, we arrive at an income of $12,000. Therefore, with an investment of $200,000 in the property, your cap rate would be 6 percent. Lower cap rates typically indicate a lower risk in the investment.

Cash on Cash Return

Cash on cash return can provide you with the amount of money you’re earning for each actual dollar invested, most especially in the case where a mortgage is involved, to estimate Airbnb income before investing in a Long Island property. First, you would need to calculate your pre-tax annual cash flow, the yearly rent less the mortgage payments. Then, calculate the total cash invested, including the down payment and other out-of-pocket fees. You can then determine the cash on cash return by dividing the pre-tax cash flow by the amount of cash invested.

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